David Suzuki Foundation

Annual Report Project

A personal project where I redesigned the then current 2016-2016 annual report to better reflect the David Suzuki's vision and advocacy for a better relationship between Canadian's and the environment.

The front and back cover of the 2016 David Suzuki Annual Report


Quick Facts

Target Audience
Environmentally, affluent and socially conscious donors aged 30 and up

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop)

Dimensions + Materials
22 double-sided pages
8.5 inches X 11 inches
Printed on matte-coated cover stock bright white paper


One of several watercolour wash illustration I created for the project. This one is an interpretted Map of Canada for the Statement of Operations, expenses section.


Project Insights

As I downloaded and read through many years' worth of reports put out by the David Suzuki Foundation I realized why nature imagery was so heavly used by the David Suzuki Foundation. It wasn't only to highlight their conservation efforts (which are massive and inspiring), it was also to point to the visual design language produced by nature herself.

Once I realized that this was the larger intent in using nature images by the designer for the current 2015-2016 annual report, I created my own unique watercolour designs (above). I started to marry the organic lines and patterns created by the washes to soften the geometry of my layouts.

This was the truly valuable lesson of the project: behind every redesign project there is great thinking done by the client, which can be used in the creation of something both fresh and engaging.


Problem Solved

The task I took on was to apply fresh thinking and a new creative direction to a non-profit organization I deeply respected. I also needed to be mindful of the client's donors in creating my design. By using the existing visual language of later reports but with new art direction, and a clear and holistic information system that I put in place, I was able to achieve this.