Nowhere is Home

Title Design

Title design for a television series ‘Nowhere is Home'. This piece features custom hand lettering, black and white photography that tells the show’s story efficiently and uses quick jump cuts for a title design that looks and sounds like mine.

Click play to watch the opening title sequence.


Quick Facts

Target Audience
Film buffs, who enjoy the drama genre of indie television series

Software Used
Adobe Creative Suite CC (After Effects, Audition, Capture, Illustrator, and Photoshop)

Running Time
1 minute, 43 seconds

H.264, 1920px X 1080px


Hand type created for the title design.

Pablo Ferro opening title for Stanley Kubrick’s, ‘Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,’ was a source of inspiration for this title design.


Project Insights

For this first time in any motion graphics project, I temporarily abandoned the use of mood boards, pre-made typography, storyboards, and cutting to a specific soundtrack. While I respect these design tools, I gained profoundly optimal and unexpected results when I threw out much of my pre-established design working methods. For instance, I cut the title design sequences not to the title’s actual soundtrack, but to some music of a completely opposite in gnere. I only listened to the soundtrack at the very end before rendering the video, and oddly enough the timing is near spot on.

Also, the credits were all handwritten, as I really wanted to try my own hand at title design with hand lettering, and I love the results. I've always been inspired by designer Pablo Ferro's title design work in movies life Dr. Strange Love (above, right) and The Adam's Family. This project presented me with the rare opportunity to explore handwritten type in a title design for myself.

While I certainly won't abandon many of the processes I’ve used to create motion projects in the past, in this project I learned not to be a slave to my process either.

Problem Solved

The problem presented to me in this personal project was how to use storytelling and primarily photography to communicate feelings about my past nomadic life and hint at through typography the issues associated with living in a transient way.

Also, only having two days, start to finish to work on the project, the issue of working as quickly as possible was a real production challenge that I was able to overcome completing the project in 13 hours.