utopi + Linc

Branding + Research Project

utopi and LINC are two design system solutions developed out of an Interdisciplinary research project conducted at the KEA School of Design and Technology in Copenhagen Denmark.

In the span of a week, my team was asked to research the possibilities for a car-less Copenhagen by the year 2028. As a project facilitator, and lead identity designer on the project, I was tasked with both keeping the project on task with my co-facilitator, as well as and in creating a branding system for the project.

utopi system concept presented on a iPad mini and LINC transit app presented on a iPhone.

utopi system concept presented on a iPad mini and LINC transit app presented on a iPhone.


Quick Facts

Target Audience
Copenhagen drivers, aged 17-40

Software Used
AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite CC (Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop), and Sketch-up Pro

Identity designed at 1 inch in height


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Copenhagen, Denmark the city itself was a huge source of inspiration to the project.

Stage two of the naming exercise for the project.

My team from all over the world hard at work.

Rough identity redesign work for both identities.


Project Insights

By travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark and working with an multi-disciplinary design team I proved that I can lead international projects and that I can work internationally. As the project was a research project I also proved I could work with a lot of different dicisplines to solve pressing issues.

Problem Solved

The issue that needed solving here was creating two related but seperate brand systems for a holistic transit system for Copenhagen. The identity needed to be appealing to a target audience who are shy to give up their cars in exchange for an automated system. The identity used pleasing geometry, minimalistic elements clean line to look fresh and sensible.